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Learning to fly a Technically Advanced Aircraft is an exciting adventure!
Let a professional flight instructor make it easy, safe, and (most of all) fun! 
I am passionate about giving back to the profession that has given me so much. My main goal is to use my background and experience to increase the level of flight safety and training available to general aviation pilots. - Jim Ratliff
Here are some testimonials from recent customers:

"I purchased my Cirrus SR22 G-6 exactly one year ago and took delivery in Knoxville. I had been out of flying for 30 plus years and decided to get current while I was waiting on my plane to complete production. Although I live in Austin, I chose to drive to Katy weekly so I could train with Jim. His diverse and extensive background as a military and airline pilot combined with his passion and experience with Cirrus made Jim an easy choice.  Jim’s patience, personality, professionalism and teaching techniques were just as important as his knowledge in my successful outcome.  He truly made my training an enjoyable experience.  Thanks to Jim I have had a great first year of ownership and have felt confident flying diverse missions in varying weather conditions. I recommend Jim without reservation for your training needs."

- Ken S., Austin, Tx

"Having now owned two Cirrus SR22’s and completed not only my instrument rating but my commercial license as well, Jim Ratliff was key in my progression and continued competency as a safe and capable pilot. Jim is exceptional in the cockpit and even better on the ground during pre and post briefing discussions. He’s authored many collateral presentations that help student pilots learn both technique and judgment, expanding their knowledge and helping make us better aviators. If you want to be a better pilot and want to expand the depth and breadth of your knowledge, call Jim Ratliff!"

- David N., Houston, Tx

“After my recent purchase of a new Cirrus SR22-T, I needed to get comfortable flying the Cirrus and learning new systems after many years of flying a Bonanza.  I am so fortunate to have found Jim Ratliff.  Jim is a gifted, accomplished and enthusiastic flight instructor with an incomparable flying resume.  He has a passion for teaching that is rarely seen.  I have used Jim for my transition training as well as becoming current and more proficient in my IFR flying.  Without reservation, I whole-heartedly recommend Jim Ratliff.  I have been flying for over twenty-five years and have never met a better instructor.  Beyond being a great instructor, Jim is a world-class individual.  If you spend much time working with Jim and all you learn about is flying….you have missed something”

-Mark V., San Antonio, TX

I purchased an SR22 and took advantage of the Embark transition training program offered by Cirrus. Jim quickly identified the areas where I needed additional training and made sure that we focused on those skills. He made it very easy to understand the training curriculum and procedures. Jim made sure that I was confident in each procedure before we moved on to the next step. He was very thorough and made the whole process very enjoyable. Jim is the ultimate professional and uses his many years of experience to instill skills and procedures that are repeatable and sustainable.

-Randall, Spring, TX

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