*Accelerated and Finish Up Courses require prior successful completion of the applicable FAA Knowledge Test and are offered only at Houston Executive Airport (KTME). Your FAA Practical Test (checkride) can be conducted at any airport in the Houston, TX area. Approximate Examiner's fee is $500.

Cirrus Embark Training 

This course is designed for the VFR pilot new to Cirrus Aircraft, or existing Cirrus pilots upgrading to a different model or avionics suite. Your training can be tailored to fulfill insurance requirements, and includes a high performance endorsement and Flight Review if required. Learn engine management and ownership best practices from a Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot.

Average course length is 3 days.

Accelerated Instrument Training *

This is a demanding course and over 10 days you will receive at a minimum 30 hours of Texas scenario based flight training, 10 hours of simulator, and 30 hours of ground training. When conditions permit, you will train in actual IMC and not only learn what you have to know to pass your checkride, you will go well beyond the basic requirements to  learn what you need to know to be a safe IFR pilot.

This course can also be completed in multiple training segments.

Cirrus Advanced Transition Training  

The Advanced Transition course is designed for instrument rated pilots with little or no Cirrus experience or formal Cirrus Training. This course combines many of the requirements of the basic transition course, satisfies insurance requirements, and includes an IPC and Flight Review.

Average course length is 3-4 days.

Cirrus Recurrent Training 

Cirrus recurrent A (IFR) and B (VFR) will include scenario based flights and simulator training. A Flight Review or IPC may also be accomplished as well as the Cirrus Landing Standardization Course.

The average course length is 1-2 days.

Instrument Finish Up Training *

A condensed version of the Accelerated IFR course may be just what is required for you to complete your IFR rating. A customized flight, simulator, and ground training syllabus will be created to supplement your prior training experience to get you to the finish line.

The course will require 5-6 days depending on your current proficiency.

Accelerated Private Pilot
Training *

This is a demanding course and over 20 days you will receive at a minimum 40 hours of Texas scenario based flight training and 85 hours of ground training. You will not only learn what you have to know to pass your checkride, you will go well beyond the basic requirements to  learn what you need to know to be a safe pilot.

This course can also be completed in multiple training segments.

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